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Since December 2022, has been strongly growing into the crypto world. A new vision of the betting industry, combining crypto and the most exciting casino and sport games, is now available on with a wide variety of bonuses and promotions, for all the types of players.

It is an idea for a new iteration of the gambling which incorporates concepts such as
decentralisation, blockchain technologies, and token-based economics. The connectors available on,such as Metamask or Wallet connect, allow users to register and deposit in just one click. Both Deposit and withdraw will be via Web 3.0 with MetaMask and connect wallet.

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The cryptocurrency betting revolution

We’re changing the way people think about Betting. is not just a bookmaker but a company which is constantly striving for Innovative Solutions for the Business Needs. A few years ago we were a group of creative strategists, nerds and communicators with a great passion for online games, then we met a group of intellectuals experts in cryptocurrencies with a passion for blockchain, together we founded Wintop and driven by our purpose, values and culture, our strategy helps us realise our ambition. We focus on three strategic priorities: Customer, Team and Execution. Customer protection and compliance excellence are at the heart of everything we do and we are committed to continuously helping our customers play it safe.


We are committed to offering products of the highest standard to our customers in all of our markets. To deliver on our commitment, we will ensure continuous innovation, greater personalization, customer service and customer protection.


Our team includes talented, passionate, motivated and ambitious people. We continue to foster a culture of collaboration, inclusion and engagement and are always committed to world-class capabilities across our global business.


We always want to be known as a company that delivers on our promises. Therefore, we will continue to scale and deliver industry-leading operational efficiency. This will help us drive sustainable and profitable revenue growth while always ensuring excellence in operational compliance.

Wintop together with Sirplay, the gaming software producer, has brought a completely new vision of the betting industry, indeed Sirplay thinks that unlike the majority of online casinos where the player needs to deposit funds into the casino, a different solution relies on a smart contract running on the blockchain to hold the funds of a playing session created by the player and to determine which party will receive the funds at the end of the session.

Relying on the expertise matured over the years, Sirplay builds tailored solutions for
Operators operating globally or in specific jurisdictions. The huge variety of products and services offered does not bring behind the flagship product, the sports betting engine. Complete odds data feed, different types of bets, cashout, match tracker and statistics are few of the services included within the sportsbook.

Pair that with the casino and live casino games, the result is a fully equipped gaming
platform, luring players to an amazing entertainment experience. Sirplay provides many different solutions, visit


The Internet is undergoing an extraordinary transformation journey. It is becoming a
fundamental infrastructure for running businesses and delivering services. The Semantic Web is the foundation of Web3, a new Internet architecture that would make the Web of the future far more reliable, resilient, and useful. According to popular belief, Web3 is a new type of international social interaction, a decentralised, permissionless blockchain-based economy, and a new type of information architecture. Web3 is still facing challenges to reach mass adoption, but it is a matter of time, as described in this article.

Financial systems are constantly evolving (Credit cards, money transfer) While the Internet has revolutionised the way we live and work, it’s still fundamentally an analog system.

They are so called digital but still Thanks to the Internet, new, more integrated, effective and secure financial systems have been developed. Web3 it’s the concept to yield a new generation of financial systems that have the potential to run in parallel or to replace the current financial system. As such, cryptocurrencies can replace FIAT currency. And as consequence even in the gambling industry there will be changes.

Web3 advantages for casino and online betting

Web3 will bring many changes to our current systems: Here’s how the Web 3 will affect us all:

1. People will be able to rely more on Web3 systems. More content creators will be
liberated from Web3. Web3 will provide users with total control over their internet data using decentralised networks.
2. It’s open to everyone. Web3 is subject to several sources of scrutiny. Decentralised apps (dApps) cannot be restricted or outlawed because larger companies could lose control of the internet.
3. Personalization on the web. Online 3.0 will be able to understand user preferences and allow users to customise their web browsing, which will increase the effectiveness of web browsing.
4. More effective marketing and online presence. We can see better and more relevant advertising thanks to the artificial intelligence (AI) of Web3, which allows suppliers to understand your shopping preferences and provide goods and services that customers would find attractive.
5. Less downtime. Since all data is kept on dispersed nodes, decentralisation will avoid
outages caused by technical or other issues.

Two main aspects where Web3 will change financial systems are: DeFi and Cryptocurrencies.

Let’s discuss them in detail:

Current Financial Systems

A financial system is a group of organizations that allow money to be exchanged, like banks, insurance companies, and stock exchanges. There are financial systems at the corporate, regional and international levels. To finance any kind of projects, buying goods or for investment, borrowers, lenders and investors trade cash to seek a return. To determine which projects to finance, who finances and the T&Cs, borrowers and lenders rely on a variety of rules and procedures that constitute the current financial system.

Financial markets control loan negotiations between borrowers, lenders and investors. The economic assets traded in these markets are often some sort of currency: Local currency (cash), future money (credit) or income from future real asset appreciation (equity). Financial instruments known as “derivatives” are those that depend on the performance of an underlying financial asset, such as commodity futures or stock options. These are all traded in the financial markets between investors, lenders and borrowers under standard supply and demand rules.

The entire financial system it’s controlled by a finance minister of some sort. These entities
can control an entire country’s financial system. Most countries these days have a legal currency governed by the international currency exchange. The US dollar is generally considered as the worldwide currency. The fact is that central governments and banks can lead the system as they wish. The average John Doe does not have much say in this aspect. The interest rates on deposits and loans are set by the central banks.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Almost all aspects of banking, lending and commerce are now controlled by centralized
systems managed by authorities and gatekeepers. Regular consumers have to interact with various financial intermediaries to access everything from auto loans and mortgages to trading in stocks and bonds. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Federal Reserve set the regulations for the world of centralized financial institutions and intermediaries in the United States, and Congress periodically updates the regulations. We have the Ministry of Finance and the Reserve Bank of India in India.

As a result, consumers have limited direct access points to money and financial services. They cannot avoid intermediaries such as banks, exchanges and lenders who benefit from every financial and banking transaction by taking a cut. To be part of this financial system, we all have to pay.

● A new financial system called decentralized finance (Defi) is built on securely distributed ledgers comparable to those used by cryptocurrencies. The system eliminates the authority that financial institutions, including banks, have over money, financial assets and financial services. It offers the potential to provide more accessible financial markets that are open, free and fair for everyone with an internet connection.
● Decentralized finance removes the middlemen by allowing individuals, companies and merchants to transact financially using new technologies. Peer allows these systems to peer financial networks using the appropriate connectivity, software, and
hardware and information security protocols.
● You can lend, trade, and borrow using software that records and validates financial transactions in distributed financial databases from anywhere with an Internet connection. A distributed database allows access from multiple locations, collects
data from all users, and verifies it using a consensus process.
● The blockchain technology employed by cryptocurrencies is used in decentralized
finance. Blockchain is a secure, distributed database or ledger. The blockchain is
managed and transactions are handled by programs known as dApps.
● The blockchain records transactions as blocks which are subsequently confirmed by
other users. If all these verifiers agree on a transaction, the block is closed and
encrypted and a new block is created with the details of the old block in it.

A distributed database that maintains an ever-expanding list of sorted entries, called blocks, is what a blockchain is. These blocks are linked using cryptography. Each block includes transaction information, a timestamp, and a cryptographic hash of the previous one.

Defi offers many customers several important benefits, including:
● Eliminates usage fees that banks and other financial institutions impose.
● Instead of depositing your money in a bank, you keep it in a secure digital wallet.
● Anyone can use it with an internet connection without permission.
● Fund transfers are very fast and convenient.


A cryptocurrency is a group of binary data used outside of established financial and political
organizations as a means of transacting via the Internet. It doesn’t have a tangible counterpart like coins and bills. Since the debut of the first decentralized cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, in 2009, a large number of other cryptocurrencies have been developed.


Web3 will undoubtedly create new markets, business models and other untapped opportunities. As Blockchain is essential for Web3, we will see the fusion of cutting-edge technologies, bringing the Internet to a level of efficiency never seen before.

● The financial sector will also suffer. New customer groups and markets will be
produced by Web3. Organizations need to be prepared to embrace change and take advantage of Web3 as COVID-19 has already demonstrated how important innovation and technology adoption are to their ability to survive.
● Decentralized finance, or Defi, takes the middlemen out of financial transactions
using cutting-edge technology.
● Stablecoins, software and hardware that support the creation of apps are the
elements that make up Defi. Defi aims to eliminate the intermediaries present in all
financial transactions.
● A type of digital asset known as a cryptocurrency is based on a network that is
dispersed among several computers. They can exist independently of governments
and other central authorities due to their decentralized nature.
● Cheaper and faster money transactions and decentralized systems that don’t have a
single point of failure are two advantages of cryptocurrencies.

We talked a lot about how Web3 can change the world of finance. The future looks bright
and optimistic.




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