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Price analysis 6/12: BTC, ETH, BNB, SOL, XRP, DOGE, TON, SHIB, ADA, AVAX

Favorable CPI data have helped Bitcoin reclaim the crucial $69,000 level, signaling that a move to $72,000 is possible.

‘Bitcoin Layer 2’ sidechains aren’t really L2s: There is a better way

Money has pumped into 73 Bitcoin ‘Layer-2’ scaling solutions this year. But many are just insecure sidechains. There is a better way.

OKX investigates multi-million account thefts after SIM swap attacks

According to SlowMist, despite the two similar phishing incidents, OKX’s two-factor authentication mechanism was not the main vulnerability point.

3 reasons why Pepe poised for another 70% jump by July

PEPE’s rising wedge pattern, rising whale accumulation and increasing rate cut bets could boost the memecoin’s price in June.

BODEN memecoins briefly spike after Hunter Biden guilty verdit

Misspelled memecoins referencing the U.S. first family surged after President Biden’s son was convicted of lying about being a drug user when buying a revolver.

3 metrics suggest that Ethereum (ETH) price downside is not over

Ethereum price has had a rocky week and data suggests that more downside could be on the way.

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